Monday, February 7, 2011

oral test ak esok~

ladies and gntlement..
have been reading the news lately..i am sure you will agree with me that our sosiety is falling wake up in the morning..felling have a delicious breakfast at home.while having breakfst you read the news always enjoy reading news..but than your blood pressure quickly rises..
on the front page,the headline news read..girl murded and body dumped on move on to second page..hoping to see something bettre..but it is not any better..this story is about an old man..he was stabbed by some rutless youth just because he was driving to slowly..the third page is about a snatched thief tragedy..the woman was paralize after her bag was snathed..your morning is want to scream out loud..what is happening to our sosiety.. 
our world has become uncaring and unsafe..some people want to be rich..the problem is they do not want to work hard to do so..they want easy them,what could be easier than stelling or robbing people..i think we need to star with education..our children will be the future pillars of our is importance that people are taught good moral values at a young age..once they embrace good moral values,they will undrstand what is right and what is wrong..once they undrstand what is right and what is wrong they can become law abiding citizen..
ladies ang gntlement..
wouldn't it be great if our sosiety was safe and caring?in the order to achive this,we need to work together..
let's respect our older and take good care of them..
let's protect our children and give a good education..
let's love our country and make malaysia the best country in the world to live in..
thank you for listening..

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